Our Victories

These are some of our victories:

Felony Narcotics Case Dismissed

Our client was a passenger in a car that was stopped for a traffic violation. The police officer indicated that he smelled marijuana in the car and told the occupants that if it was a small amount of marijuana and they turned it over to the officer he would not pursue any charges. Our client […]

David Morrison Stays In Office

  In mid-2013 Bath & Edmonds was hired by David Morrison regarding an ouster action filed by the Johnson County District Attorney’s office attempting to remove David from his position as city councilman for the City of Prairie Village, Kansas. Bath & Edmonds is happy to report that after a trial, appeal to the Court […]

Aggravated Assault Dismissed at Trial

  Our client was charged with threatening a girlfriend with a weapon and continuing to stalk to her. The aggravated assault charge carried a presumptive imprisonment sentence. Client had no prior record. The case was handled by Tricia Bath who advised the prosecutors that the client would not plead to a felony charge. Wyandotte County […]

Check Forgery Dismissed

  CA client with no criminal history was charged with forging a check that involved a joint account with her then, live-in boyfriend. While that case was pending she was alleged to have violated a no contact order with the, now former, live-in boyfriend and was charged in a separate case for violation of a […]

Case Dismissed Due to Speedy Rights Violation

  In 2014, Bath & Edmonds was successful in achieving a dismissal of 10 charges against a corporate defendant based upon violations of the client’s speedy trial rights. The State of Kansas appealed that decision to the Kansas Court of Appeals. In April, 2015, the Kansas 5. Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of the […]

Client Found Not Guilty of DUI at Trial

  Client accused of DUI after single car accident. At the time of the accident client maintained that his girlfriend was driving the vehicle. The girlfriend told the police this information as well. June, 2014, the case was presented to a jury and our client was acquitted. Back to Our Victories

Appellate Case: Warrantless Blood Draw Surpressed

  Based on a suppression motion filed by Bath & Edmonds a Douglas County judge suppresses a warrantless blood draw. Douglas County District Attorney appeals the District Court. June 2014, Court of Appeals dismisses the appeal affirming the suppression of evidence. Attorneys at the Firm are currently involved in 5 State and 2 Federal appellate […]

Aggravated Battery Reduced to Misdemeanor

  In June, 2013, client was involved in a fight in which client defended himself. The State charged a level 4 Aggravated Battery (presumptive imprisonment). Client hires Bath & Edmonds who investigates (including interviews by investigator of witnesses to the event). After approximately 12 months of litigation the State agrees to reduce the charges to […]

Client Acquitted of Assault at Jury Trial in Under 15 Minutes

  A Kansas businessman got into an argument with a tow truck driver which resulted in the tow truck driver calling the police and allege that he was assaulted by the businessman. The police did little to investigate the matter and charged the businessman with assault. In April, 2014, the matter was taken to trial […]

Assault Case Dismissed

  In June 2013, a citizen was involved in an altercation in his home which resulted in him defending himself by stabbing another man. Police engaged in virtually no investigation and arrested the client within a matter of minutes and the next day the Johnson County District Attorney’s office charged him with a Level 4 […]

Case Dismissed Against Corporate Defendant

  The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office indicted a business/corporation for violations of criminal statutes. Initially, the corporation attempted to reach a resolution with the District Attorney’s Office. When it was clear that the District Attorney’s Office would not dismiss the matter the client hired Bath & Edmonds (B & E) to try the case. […]

Evidence Seized Violates Constitution

  Bath & Edmonds prepares to file an appellate brief in a case stemming from a motor vehicle accident in Lawrence, Kansas. At the time of the accident the police detained the motorist and subsequently obtained a sample of his blood pursuant to Kansas law. B & E argued the statute was unconstitutional and the […]

Client Acquitted of Recording Customers at Tanning Salon

  In the spring of 2013 the Reno County Attorney’s office (Hutchinson, Kansas) charged a local businessman with setting up a video camera to record his employees using a tanning bed located in a storage room. Months earlier, the businessman cooperated with police explaining the camera was to catch internal theft. The businessman initially hired […]

Tom Bath Represents Victim in First Degree Murder Case

  In March, 2013, Bath & Edmonds is contacted by the family of Vashti Seacat who was murdered by her husband, Brett Seacat, and was currently charged with first degree murder in Kingman County, Kansas. Vashti’s family hired Tom Bath to act as associate counsel along with the Attorney General’s office and the Kingman County […]

All Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed

  In early 2012 a young professional from out-of-town was attending a business convention in Kansas City, Missouri. He and two of his friends met three women at a local entertainment district. The women invited the men to their rooms. Later in the evening the police were called and an allegation was made that the […]

Arson Charges Dismissed

  In 2010, Bath & Edmonds is hired to represent a local man charged with arson. During his cooperation with the police the client adamantly denied any involvement and maintained he was innocent. The client advised the firm that he would not accept any plea offer. Over the next two years Tom and Tricia Bath […]

Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

  A local business woman got into a dispute with her estranged husband that resulted in her being arrested for “domestic violence”. She was charged with one count of criminal damage to property. The district attorney’s office offered her to resolve the case through what is known as a “diversion program”. She hired Tom Bath […]

Felony Stalking Charges Dismissed

  Our client had a bad break up with his fiancé. She made allegations of stalking and the district attorney’s office filed misdemeanor charges. The matter was set for trial. Just weeks before trial the district attorney’s office upped the charges to felony stalking. The matter was re-set for trial for April 11, 2016. Less […]

Demand for jury trial results in dismissal

Douglas County, Kansas: Bath & Edmonds client charged with criminal damage to property.  Client refuses all plea offers and the matter was set for trial July 13, 2016.  The State dismisses the case on July 8, 2016. Back to Our Victories

Felony Case Dismissed

Johnson County, Kansas In September, 2014 client was stopped for traffic violation.  The investigation led to felony charges of possession of controlled substances as well as possession of marijuana and MDMA (ecstasy).  Client also charged with felony refusal of breath alcohol test.  Numerous pretrial motions were filed.  The Court granted defense motion to dismiss felony […]