Our Victories

These are some of our victories:

Aggravated Battery Reduced to Misdemeanor

  In June, 2013, client was involved in a fight in which client defended himself. The State charged a level 4 Aggravated Battery (presumptive imprisonment). Client hires Bath & Edmonds who investigates (including interviews by investigator of witnesses to the event). After approximately 12 months of litigation the State agrees to reduce the charges to […]

Client Acquitted of Assault at Jury Trial in Under 15 Minutes

  A Kansas businessman got into an argument with a tow truck driver which resulted in the tow truck driver calling the police and allege that he was assaulted by the businessman. The police did little to investigate the matter and charged the businessman with assault. In April, 2014, the matter was taken to trial […]

Assault Case Dismissed

  In June 2013, a citizen was involved in an altercation in his home which resulted in him defending himself by stabbing another man. Police engaged in virtually no investigation and arrested the client within a matter of minutes and the next day the Johnson County District Attorney’s office charged him with a Level 4 […]