In early 2012 a young professional from out-of-town was attending a business convention in Kansas City, Missouri. He and two of his friends met three women at a local entertainment district. The women invited the men to their rooms. Later in the evening the police were called and an allegation was made that the young man engaged in sexual assault against one of the women. The basis of the assault that while both of them were intoxicated the woman was too intoxicated to “consent to any sexual activity”. Despite having never been in trouble in his life the police arrest him and within a few hours the prosecutors charge him with rape. Bath & Edmonds is engaged and assist the young man in making bail and zealously defend the young man. In addition to taking depositions Bath & Edmonds engage their own experts and aggressively litigate the matter over the next 12 months. The matter is set for jury trial and approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the trial all charges are dismissed.