The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office indicted a business/corporation for violations of criminal statutes. Initially, the corporation attempted to reach a resolution with the District Attorney’s Office. When it was clear that the District Attorney’s Office would not dismiss the matter the client hired Bath & Edmonds (B & E) to try the case. B & E litigated the case from early 2011 through 2013 filing motions alleging the charges lacked probable cause due to deficiencies in the affidavit, dismissal based on unconstitutionality of the statute and a motion to suppress based on deficiencies of the search warrant. The District Court denied these motions. Tom & Tricia Bath then prepared the case for jury trial. However, due to numerous delays of the jury trial the defense filed a motion to dismiss the charges for violation of Speedy Trial. On February 7, 2014, three days before jury trial was to begin, the District Court granted the motion based upon a Speedy Trial violation and all charges were dismissed by the District Court.